Buckhead Travels to the Middle East

With some apprehension and a great deal of excitement, I am counting the very few days until I am headed for the Middle East.

The Middle East Travel Seminar (METS) is an annual event that brings together 24 students from seminaries across the southeast, as well as six non-seminarians who also are recognized as leaders in various professions, government and the arts.  This year, I was asked to participate as a non-seminarian, so they apparently lowered their standards, at least for me.

PetraThe centerpiece of the program is a three-week trip (May 17 – June 7) through Syria, Jordan, Sinai, Israel, the West Bank and Greece (yes, Greece). It is funded by the Pittulloch Foundation, with additional support from the Fraser-Parker Foundation, and the Cully A. and Lois Dowdle Cobb Foundation.

I am hoping to bring back an insight or two as the Buckhead CID works to make Buckhead a quality place to live and work for an increasingly diverse population. Regardless, I will get to spend time in amazing places, such as Petra, Jordan, with people unlike me, but probably more like me than I now imagine.


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