Bike to Work Week

Every week is Bike to Work Week for me; but May is officially National Bike Month.  This week, May 17 – May 21, is the real Bike to Work Week, and May 21 is Bike to Work Day.  Biking to work in most parts of the Atlanta region is a challenge, to say the least.  This city and region boomed during the age of the automobile, so drivable, suburban development dominates the landscape.  Atlanta’s civic and business leaders and residents realize now that unless we work to transform important parts of our region, including job and town centers, into walkable urban environments, we run a significant risk of losing our competitive edge to other regions in the U.S.

Jim Durrett biking to workOur Community Improvement District in Buckhead, the Buckhead CID, is working to transform Buckhead into a more walkable and bikable urban environment.  I was given the opportunity to describe, in the March issue of the Southern Bicycle League’s Freewheelin’ magazine, how our transformation of Peachtree will benefit bicyclists.  Take a look.  And pull that bike out of the basement or garage and give it a spin!


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