Greening Buckhead

Atlanta introduced its first park in 1858, and purchased the famed 185-acre Piedmont Park in 1904.  Now, the city’s Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs oversees and maintains 248 parks comprising more than 3,364 acres.  Though we’ve come a long way over the past century and a half, we need to do more to provide our residents with world-class greenspace, especially in Buckhead, which has the smallest amount of park space in Atlanta.  Consider that Chicago boasts over 570 parks and more than 7,600 acres while New York City offers its residents 1,700 parks, and the city of Houston manages nearly 39,000 acres of public greenspace.

As a part of Atlanta’s Project Greenspace, Buckhead CID is developing a 10-year action plan to answer the call for a word-class park system by 2030.  Buckhead CID and Buckhead Coalition recently administered a survey to jump-start Buckhead’s Greenspace Action Plan by identifying not only opportunities for additional parks and open space, but also the road map to get them implemented.

This collaborative, community-based effort will provide more public access to green space and help define Buckhead as a sustainable area – achieving economic, environmental and social balance.

For more details on Buckhead’s Greenspace Action Plan or to get involved, click here.  Locate one of Buckhead’s existing neighborhood parks here.


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