Introducing Buckhead’s future MARTA Concourse Bridge…

As chairman of the MARTA board of directors and as executive director of the Buckhead  Community Improvement District (BCID), I’m pleased that the final design and engineering plans are complete for a $24 million pedestrian bridge that will span GA 400, connecting two disconnected quadrants in Buckhead and creating a new entrance to MARTA’s Buckhead Station.

BCID was instrumental in pulling together the necessary funding, including $1.2 million from BCID, to secure a project of this magnitude.  In addition, the BCID board distributed information and facilitated meetings among Buckhead businesses, developers and community leaders to build consensus and support.

Renderings of the future MARTA Concourse Bridge

Construction on the project will commence this fall and be completed by mid-2013.  Once the bridge is complete, pedestrians from Tower Place Drive and Stratford Road on the north side of Peachtree will have direct access to both sides of GA 400 and to MARTA’s Buckhead Station without having to walk to Peachtree Road, making existing and future development transit-accessible.

The MARTA Concourse Bridge will provide more than 3,000 people who live, work, shop and worship in the area with a more practical rail transit alternative.  How will you utilize the new bridge? Share your ideas in the comments section below!


5 Responses to Introducing Buckhead’s future MARTA Concourse Bridge…

  1. Aaron says:

    This is awesome! And Buckhead Church on Tower Place Drive has over 4,000 weekly Sunday attendees alone, so lots of ridership potential.

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  4. TwoToneJerome says:

    I won’t use it. No one uses it at this time. I see how many people cross the street at the station each day, and it numbers in the single digits.

  5. TheRunningDawg says:

    I am avid runner and love projects like this, but it seems unreasonably expensive for a pedestrian bridge. We need more projects like this, but if they are not utilized or are very expensive, it will prevent future projects that may be more appropriate and useful. And if I’m not mistaken isn’t MARTA nearly bankrupt? I think they need to focus more on their ‘last mile’ problems than blowing near $24 million on a underutilized ped bridge.

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